Dan Palladino
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 08:41:25 -0400

The rationale for this order is as follows: In most patients, the torso
accounts for the majority of the body weight and also contains the majority
of the spinal column. This is why the torso is done first. The head is done
last because we done not want the cervical spine to be the pivot point
should the immobilization device be moved during the securing process. That
leaves the pelvis and legs as the middle portion of the process. Many people
teach a specific order for the torso straps but in reality it does not

Dan Palladino, CCEMT-P
Education Coordinator
Delta Ambulance
Waterville, ME USA

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Subject: RE: KED

I think I can see the reasoning behind this order, but can anyone spell it
out in anatomical/trauma terms?

Fiona Wallace
NW Regional Hospital

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>Subject: RE: KED
>Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 11:43:55 -0400
>	If your question regarding the KED involves the order in which to  secure
>the torso straps, the answer is: it doesn't matter. When securing a patient
>to any spinal immobilization device, KED, short board, long board, the
>proper order should be to secure the torso first, then the pelvis, then the
>legs, and the head should ALWAYS be secured last!
>Dan Palladino, CCEMT-P
>Education Coordinator
>Delta Ambulance
>Waterville, ME
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> >
> >Working in the Boston area we use the KED device often especially for
> >patients.  When longboarding a patient our protocol is to use a device
> >as a short board or KED.  This type of device should be applied while the
> >patient is still it the position found.  The from there slide the patient
> >out and secure just as you would for a straight long board case.  As a
> >note we have used the KED in the ER as a papoose board with great
> >
> >Dan Nadworny
> >Boston MA USA
> >
>Same in Tennessee.
>Mike Bouser
>EMT- Paramedic
>Stewart County, TN USA
> >
> >Subject: Re: trauma-list digest, Vol 1 #558 - 9 msg
> >
> >There seems to be an ongoing controversy in are area of a correst order
> >when
> >securing someone to a KED device and a long backboard.I'm curious as to
> >how
> >some other regions are making this skill happen. I would appreciate any
> >imput
> >on this, probably minor but definatly a argument provoking item.
> >
> >Robert
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